Tomas Tranströmer wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer is the recipient of the 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature. Tranströmer has been suggested as a contender for the prize for many years; in the Prize committee’s words, “through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality.”

Tranströmer is the most recent author primarily known for poetry to win the award since Wisława Szymborska in 1996.

An Associated Press story available here gives a quick overview of the worldwide interest in the Nobel Prize for Literature and of Tranströmer’s life and work.

Much of Tranströmer’s work is available both in the original Swedish and in translation at UIUC: you can see his work in our catalog here.

We’ve also collected some links having to do with Tranströmer and his work:

  • Tranströmer’s website, including a biography, bibliography, selected criticism, selected poetry and settings of his poetry to music

Congratulations to Tomas Tranströmer!


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