Sandra Cisneros to leave San Antonio

Local news services in San Antonio, Texas reported back in November that internationally renowned author Sandra Cisneros is planning to sell her home and move. The community’s mournful response has sparked lively online discussions about her work as an author, philanthropist, and San Antonio community member.

Cisneros is most well-known for her books The House on Mango Street, Caramelo, Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories, and Loose Woman.

You can read some of the news stories:

SA Current has recently put out an extensive story on Cisnero’s local fame and relations to the San Antonio community.

My SA offers a large selection of photos of Cisneros over the years as well as information about her King Williams home that’s for sale.

The Texas Observer also reported on the topic.

For overviews of her life and work, check out the following resources:

About Sandra Cisneros – biographical information from her official website.

The University of Minnesota: Voices from the Gaps site offers a short biography, list of works and selection of internet resources about Cisneros.


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