Online Research Resources to be retired this Friday

If you’ve used Online Research Resources (ORR) to find Library e-resources in the past, please be aware that this interface is being permanently retired this Friday, to be replaced by Online Journals & Databases. The functions formerly served by the ORR are all available through Online Journals & Databases: you can use this tool to search for journals, databases, and other Library resources.

You can also search for journals and databases through the Easy Search box at the top of the Literatures and Languages Library homepage: for example, a search for JSTOR will bring up this message at the top of your search results:

You can click the “Direct link to: JSTOR” to be taken directly into the database. You can do the same for journal titles.

Links to ORR search screens (for example, this search for a journal which is held in several databases) will no longer be valid after Friday. If you have links like this bookmarked, you can update them to links in Online Journals & Databases (like this search for the same journal) and these links will work the same way.

If you have any questions about the migration from Online Research Resources to Online Journals & Databases, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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