Bond Exhibits Still Open

In celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of Fleming’s first book featuring secret agent “007,” James Bond, the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, the Spurlock Museum, and the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music collaborated to put together events and exhibits open to the public. While the events and the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music exhibit have ended, the James Bond exhibits at both Spurlock Museum and the Rare Books and Manuscripts library are still open.

Unconventional Bond: The Strange Life of Casino Royale on Film is open until June 16th at the Spurlock Museum.

“Unlike all the other Bond novels, which were sold to a single company, EON Productions, for filming, Casino Royale went through several producers and was made into three startlingly different films. This exhibit tells the story of these three versions, from the modest CBS-TV production in 1954, to the bizarre, psychedelic spoof of 1967, to the “canonical” 2006 Daniel Craig version, considered one of the best Bond films. The exhibit also traces the legal path that led to Never Say Never Again, a second version of Thunderball, and looks at the never-produced Bond script, Warhead. Props, scripts, posters, and an Aston Martin will be displayed.”

Casino Royale and Beyond: 60 Years of Ian Fleming’s Literary Bond is open until July 12th at the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library.

“These exhibits showcases a great ‘thwacking’ portion of the publication history of Casino Royale and also broadly represent the print history of Ian Fleming’s important writing career. The special exhibit includes a manuscript copy of Fleming’s earliest surviving short story, dozens of editions, translations, and even parodies of Casino Royale, as well as Fleming’s letter stating he is bludgeoning his friends into actually buying his book. Also highlighted are selections from Fleming’s notable journalism career, the first editions of all the “Bond” books, original cover art for the 1955 British paperback, and a typescript manuscript of Casino Royale. This exhibition traces the influence of Fleming’s creation of Bond forward to our own century.”

For more information visit their website. Also the library has many of Fleming’s works and Bond movies as well.


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